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The Freeman’s Journal

We are two women devoted to America’s independence from England. We founded this newspaper in hopes of making loyalists, like Attica once was, see why America needs to be free. We would love for you to read our articles and share your opinions via comments :).

Take a look at our favorite Revolutionary War quotes, and what we think about them:

  • “The injuries we have received from the British nation were so unprovoked, and have been so great and so many, that they can never be forgotten.” – George Washington                                                The British made many rash decisions just to benefit themselves, without thinking about us colonies. Their injudicious choices cost us much grievance and heartache, and for that they will never be forgiven.

    Patrick Henry is the same man who wrote the “Give me liberty or give death,” speech.

  • “If this be treason, make the most of it.” – Patrick Henry                           The British consider anyone/anything that says anything negative about them treason. We know what we are doing is treason, but we will not stop, because we know we are right. In our minds, we are already free, but we will not rest till we are free in the English minds as well.

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